Author Organisation/Source Title Date Type Source
Tom Clark The Guardian Most Britons back assassination of terrorists in UK or abroad, poll finds Mar-13 Media
Michael Aaronson; Jacob Beswick; Tom Dyson; Ulrike Esther Franke; Tjerk de Greef; David Hastings Dunn; Adrian Johnson; Armin Krishnan; Alex Leveringhaus; Elizabeth Minor; Joel Faulkner Rogers; Conway Waddington; Nathalie Weizmann; Stefan Wolf. Royal United Services Insitute Hitting the target? How new capabilities are shaping international intervention Mar-13 Academic/think tank
Lieutenant Colonel Douglas A.Pryer United States Army The rise of the machines: Why increasingly “perfect” weapons help perpetuate our wars and endanger our nation Mar- April 2013 Military
Michael N. Schmitt Harvard National Security Journal Autonomous Weapon Systems and International Humanitarian Law: A Reply to the Critics 2013 Academic
Michael J Boyle Chatham House The costs and consequences of drone warfare 2013 Think tank
Roy Isbister, Oliver Sprague and Martin Butcher, David Hayes, Barry Fletcher, David Barber and Michael Bell Committees on Arms Export Controls Oral evidence taken before the Committees on Arms Export Controls, Monday 3 December 2012, Roy Isbister, Oliver Sprague and Martin Butcher, David Hayes, Barry Fletcher, David Barber and Michael Bell. 2012-2013 Parliament (UK)
Sharafat Ali Chaudhry and Mehran Ali Khan Wazir TIGAH: Journal of Peace and Development Peacebuilding in Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) of Pakistan: Conflict Management at State Level Dec-12 Academic
Various Human Rights Watch and  International Human Rights Clinic, Harvard Law School Losing Humanity: The Case against Killer Robots Nov-12 NGO/Academic
Various Columbia University Law School, Human Rights Clinic Counting Drone Strike Deaths Oct-12 Academic
Various International Human Rights And Conflict Resolution Clinic at Stanford Law School and Global Justice Clinic at NYU School Of Law Living Under Drones:  Death, Injury, and Trauma to Civilians From US Drone Practices in Pakistan Sep-12 Academic
Chris Cole Drone Wars UK Shelling out: UK Government spending on unmanned drones Sep-12 NGO
Joshua Foust and Ashley S. Boyle American Security Project The Strategic Context of Lethal Drones: A Framework for Discussion Aug-12 NGO
Various Big Brother Watch A legacy of suspicion: How RIPA has been used by local authorities and public bodies Aug-12 NGO
Various European Commission Commision Staff Working Document:  Towards a European strategy for the development of civil applications of Remotely Piloted Aircraft systems Aug-12 Regional
David Anderson QC Joint Committee on Human Rights Oral evidence regarding the Justice and Security Bill Jun-12 Parliament (UK)
Steve Hucklesby The Methodist Church Drones: Ethical dilemmas in the application of military force Jun-12 NGO
Navi Pillay High Commissioner for Human Rights Opening statement to the Human Rights Council June 2012? INGO
Various Government Accountability Office (US) Nonproliferation: Agencies Could Improve Information Sharing and End-Use Monitoring and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Exports July 30th 2012 Government (US)
Tobias Ruettershoff University of Surrey Terrorising terrorists- The ‘targeted killing’ of terrorists on foreign soil: legal and political aspects 12-13 July 2012 Academic
Armin Krishan Intelligence and National Security Studies Precision strike against ‘High-Value’ targets: assassination and foreign policy 12-13 July 2012 Academic
Various Pew Center Pew Global Attitudes Project, 2012 Spring Survey Topline Results 13-Jun-12 Think tank
Elisa Massimino Human Rights First Letter to Obama- targeted killings 01-May-12 NGO
Karl Kaltenthaler; William Miller; Christine Fair Midwest Political Science Association The Drone War: Pakistani public attitudes toward American drone strikes in Pakistan Apr-12 Think tank
Sajjad Ahmed Paracha; Fatima Imran; Muhammad Ashraf Khan Mediteranean Journal of Social Sciences Framing of drone attacks in Pakistani elite press: A comprehensive study of dawn and nation. Jan-12 Academic
Laurie R Blank University of Pennsylvania, Journal of International Law After ‘Top Gun’: How drone strikes impact the law of war Mar-11 Academic
Chris Cole Drone Wars UK The Drone Wars Briefing Jan-12 NGO
Laurie R Blank William Mitchell Law Review Targeted strikes: The consequences of blurring the armed conflict and self-defense justifications Jul-05 Academic
Various European Defence Agency European Commission UAS Panel 5th Workshop:  Research & Development on UAS Feb-12 Regional (Europe)
Jon Lunn and Gavin Thompson House of Commons Library Somalia: Recent political, security and humanitarian developments Feb-12 Parliament (UK)
Various Cage Prisoners Unnecessary and disproportional : the killings of Anwar and Abdul-Rahman al-Awlaki Jul-05 NGO
Geert-Jan Alexander Knoops International Criminal Law Review Legal, Political and Ethical Dimensions of Drone Warfare under International Law: A Preliminary Survey Jul-05 Academic
Luke Glanville Human Rights Law Review The responsibility to protect beyond borders Jul-05 Academic
Dr. Ben Hayes and Mathias Vermeulen The Heinrich Böll Foundation Borderline: The EU’s New Border Surveillance Initiatives Jun-12 NGO
Robert P Barnidge Boston University International Law Journal A Qualified Defense of American drone attacks in Northwest Pakistan under International Humanitarian Law 2012 Academic
Monica Hakimi Michigan Law Review A functional approach to targeting and detention 2012 Academic
Simon Henderson Al Nakhlan (Tufts) Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula through the Framework of International Humanitarian Law 2012 Academic
Aliya Robin Deri Stanford University Costless war: American and Pakistani Reactions to the U.S. Drone war 2012 Academic
Afsheen John Radsan and Richard Murphy Journal of National Security Law and Policy The evolution of law and policy for CIA targeted killing 2012 Academic
John Yoo Berkeley Law Assassinations or Targeted Killings after 9/11 2011/2012 Academic
Arabella Thorp House of Commons Library Drone attacks and the killing of Anwar al-Awlaqi: legal issues 20-Dec-11 Parliament (UK)
Jay Stanley and Katherine Krump ACLU Protecting privacy from aerial surveillance 01-Dec-11 NGO
Avery Plaw, Matthew S Fricker, Brian Glyn Williams Perspectives on Terrorism Practice makes perfect? The changing civilian toll of CIA drone strikes in Pakistan Dec-11 Academic
Various ICRC International Humanitarian Law and the challenges of contemporary armed conflicts (Conference report) Dec-11 INGO
Various European Commission European Commission on UAS Panel Process 4th Workshop– societal impact of UAS Nov-11 Regional (Europe)
Various Justice Freedom from Suspicion Surveillance Reform for a Digital Age Oct-11 NGO
Various Griffiths Armour Unmanned Aircraft Systems Insurance and emerging risks including Data Protection Oct-11 Commercial
Various Harvard University, Program on Humanitarian Policy and Conflict Research Manual on International Law Applicable to Air and Missile Warfare May-11 Academic
Cor Oudes and Wim Zwijnenburg Pax Christi Does unmanned make unacceptable? Exploring the debate on using drones and robots in warfare May-11 NGO
Geraint Hughes Strategic Studies Institute (US Army War College) The Military’s Role in Counterterrorism: Examples and Implications for Liberal Democracies May-11 Think tank/Academic (military)
SoS FCO Foreign Affairs Committee Response of the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, ‘The UK’s Foreign Policy approach to Afghanistan and Pakistan’ May-11 Parliament (UK)
Various Human Rights Institute, Columbia Law School Targeting operations with drone technology: humanitarian law implications Mar-11 Academic
Baucum Fulk Strategic Studies Institute (US Army War College) An Evaluation of Counterinsurgency as a Strategy for Fighting the Long War Mar-11 Think tank/Academic (military)
W Andrew Terrill Strategic Studies Institute (US Army War College) The Conflicts in Yemen and US National Security May-11 Think tank/Academic (military)
Various ACLU Indictment for violations of human rights Apr-11 NGO
Theresa Reinold American Society of International Law Irregular Warfare and the right to self-defense post 9/11 Apr-11 NGO
Ministry of Defence Joint Doctrine and Concepts Centre, Ministry of Defence The UK Approach to unmanned aircraft systems Mar-11 Government (UK)
Alex Strick van Linschoten and Felix Kuehn New York University, Center on International Cooperation Seperating the Taliban from Al-Qaeda: The core of success in Afghanistan Feb-11 Academic
Akbar Khan Pax Christi Legality of targeted killings in Pakistan Feb-11 NGO
Cheri Kramer Santa Clara Journal of International Law The legality of targeted drone attacks as US policy Jan-11 Academic
Michael Epstein Michigan State University College of Law Targeted killing court: why the United States needs to adopt international legal standards for targeted killings and how to do so in a domestic court Jan-11 Academic
Michael Epstein Michigan State University College of Law The curious case of Anwar al-Aulaqi: is targeting a terrorist for execution by drone strike  due process violation when the terrorist is a United States citizen? Jan-11 Academic
Kurt Larson and Zachary Malamud Journal of International Business and Law The United States, Pakistan, the Law of War and the Legality of the Drone attacks ?? Academic
Various AUVSI Unmanned Aircraft System Operations Industry “Code of Conduct” ?? Commercial
Noel Sharkey University of Sheffield Weapons of indiscriminate lethality ?? Academic
Philip Alston Harvard National Security Journal The CIA and Targeted – Killings Beyond the Borders Jul-05 Academic
Victor Hansen New England Law Review Predator Drone Attacks 2011 Academic
Susan Breau and Marie Aronsson Oxford Research Group Drone attacks, international law and the recording of civilian casualties of armed conflict. 2011 NGO
Ian Shaw University of Arizona The spatial politics of drone warfare 2011 Academic
Leila Hudson Middle East Policy Drone warfare: Blowback from the new American way of war 2011 (Fall) Academic
Michael Steven Llenza Global Security Studies Targeted killings in Pakistan: a defense 2011 Academic
Jakob Kellenberger ICRC International Humanitarian Law and New Weapon Technologies 2011 INGO
Wayne McCormack Pacific McGeorge Global Business & Development Law Journal Targeted Killing at a Distance: Robotics and Self-Defense 2011 Academic
Henry Dodd and Robert Perkins Action on Armed Violence Monitoring explosive violence: the EVMP dataset 2011 NGO
Andru E. Wall Harvard National Security Journal Demystifying the title: distinguishing military operations, intelligence activities & covert action 2011 Academic
Afsheen John Radsan William Mitchell Law Review “Targeted Killings” by the United States –  Exploring Strategies for Litigation, Advocacy & Research 2011 Academic
 Torin Monahan and Tyler Wall Theoretical Criminology Surveillance and violence from afar: the politics of drones and liminal security-scapes 2011 Academic
Andrew C Orr Cornell International Law Journal Unmanned, unprecedented, and unresolved: The Status of American Drone Strikes in Pakistan Under International Law 2010 Academic
Michael Lewis St. John’s Journal of International and Comparative Law Drones and Transnational Armed Conflicts 2010 Academic
Brian Glyn Williams Studies in Conflict and Terrorism The CIA’s Covert Predator Drone War in Pakistan, 2004–2010: The History of an Assassination Campaign 2010 Academic
Farhat Taj Small Wars and Insurgencies The Year of the drone misinformation 2010 Academic
Alex S. Wilner Studies in Conflict and Terrorism Targeted Killings in Afghanistan: Measuring Coercion and Deterrence in Counterterrorism and Counterinsurgency 2010 Academic
Gabriella Blum and Phillip Heymann Harvard National Security Journal Law and policy of targeted killing 2010 Academic
Bradley Jay Strawser University of Connecticut Moral Predators: The Duty to Employ Uninhabited Aerial Vehicles Dec-10 Academic
Mary Ellen O’Connell Washington University Law Drones under International Law Oct-10 Academic
Chris Jenks North Dakota Law Review Law from above: unmanned aerial systems, use of force and the law of armed conflict Oct-10 Academic
Various The Fellowship of Reconciliation Convenient killing:  armed drones and the ‘playstation’ mentality Sep-10 NGO
Various CQ Research Drone Warfare: Are strikes by unmanned aircraft ethical? Aug-10 Think tank
Mary Ellen O’Connell Notre Dame Law School Unlawful killing with combat drones, a case study of Pakistan, 2004-2009 Jul-10 Academic
Various Amnesty International Pakistan: ‘As if Hell fell on me’: The human rights crisis in northwest Pakistan Jun-10 NGO
Richard Murphy; John Radsan William Mitchell College of Law/Cardozo Law Review Due process and targeted killing of terrorists Jun-10 Academic
Afsheen John Radsan William Mitchell Law Review Loftier standards for the CIA’s remote control killing (Statement for the House Subcommittee on National Security and Foreign Affairs) May-10 Academic
Asim Qureshi The Guardian The ‘Obama doctrine’: kill, don’t detain Apr-10 Media
Various Subcommittee on National Security and Foreign Affairs of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform (Hearing) Rise of the Drones II: Examining The Legality Of Unmanned Targeting Apr-10 Government (US)
Kenneth Anderson Washington College of Law Drones II: Testimony submitted to US House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Subcommittee on national security and foreign affairs Apr-10 Academic
Jordan J Paust Public Law and Legal Theory Series, University of Houston Self-defense targeting of non-state actors and permissibility of US use of drones in Pakistan Spring 2010 Academic
Hillel Ofek The New Atlantis The tortured logic of Obama’s drone war Spring 2010 Academic
Philip Alston UN/Columbia Law School UN Special Rapporter on Extrajudicial executions: Handbook ?? INGO/Academic
Various Harvard University, Program on Humanitarian Policy and Conflict Research Commentary on the HPCR Manual on International Law Applicable to Air and Missile Warfare Mar-10 Academic
Peter Bergen and Katherine Tiedemann New America Foundation The year of the drone: An analysis of US drone strikes in Pakistan, 2004-2010 Feb-10 NGO
Sikander Ahmed Shah Washington University Global Studies Law Review War on terrorism: self defense, operation enduring freedom and the legality of US drone attacks in Pakistan ? 2010 Academic
Mary Ellen O’Connell Journal of National Security Law and Policy The Choice of Law against Terrorism 2010 Academic
Ryan J Vogel Development Journal International Law and Policy Drone warfare and the law of armed conflict 12-Jan-10 Academic
Robert Sparrow IEEE Technology and Society Magazine Predators or Plowshares 01-Oct-09 Academic
Various Foreign Affairs Committee New Foreign Affairs Committee Report: Global Security: Afghanistan and Pakistan (press release) 02-Aug-09 Parliament (UK)
Leon Panetta New Perspectives Quarterly AFPAK Drone Strikes Are Only Game in Town 2009 (Summer) Think tank
Jenna Jordan Security Studies When heads roll: assessing the effectiveness of leadership decapitation 01-Jul-05 Academic
Nils Melzer ICRC Interpretive guidance on the notion of direct participation in hostilities under international humanitarian law 2009 INGO
Various Foreign Affairs Committee Global security: Afghanistan and Pakistan 21-Jul-09 Parliament (UK)
Human Rights Watch Human Rights Watch Precisely Wrong: Gaza citizens killed by Israeli drone-launched missiles Jun-09 NGO
Kenneth Anderson Brookings Institution Targeted killing in US counterterrorism strategy and law 11-May-09 Think tank
Various Defence Committee The contribution of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to ISTAR capability: Government response to the Committee’s Thirteenth Report of Session 2007-08 Nov-08 Parliament (UK)
Elizabeth Quintana Royal United Services Insitute The Ethics and Legal Implications of Military Unmanned Vehicles Jun-05 Think tank
Robert Frampton Ministry of Defence UAV Autonomy 2008 Military
Various European Parliament UAVs and UCAVs: Developments in the European Union Oct-07 Regional (Europe)
Various European Commission, Enteprise and Industry Study analyzing the current activities in the field of UAV 2007 Regional (Europe)
MM Hafez; Joseph M Hatfield Studies in Conflict and Terrorism Do Targeted Assassinations Work? A Multivariate Analysis of Israeli Counter-Terrorism Effectiveness during Al-Aqsa Uprising 2006 Academic
Lt Col James Dawkins Air University (US Airforce) Unmanned combat aerial vehicles: examining the political, moral and social implications Jun-05 Think tank/Academic (military)
Ministry of Defence Joint Doctrine and Concepts Centre, Ministry of Defence The Joint Service Manual of the Law of Armed Conflict 2004 Government (UK)
Defence Science Board Study Officer of the Under Secretary of Defense Unmanned Aerial vehicles and uninhabited combat aerial vehicles Feb-04 Government (US)

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